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Why I Write

I’m working on a post for later today, but I wanted to take a minute and ask a favor from all who have read my blog.  If you have found it useful, enjoyable, relevant to you or someone you know, or informative (or all 4! woohoo!), can you please take a minute and “Like” the facebook page, and share the blog URL?  Either on your own FB page or just by some other means?

I’ve had several comments lately by kind readers saying that they wished this blog could gain more exposure, for various reasons that align perfectly with the heart behind why I write – education, support, and information for trauma survivors and people who live and/or work with them.

This is my passion.

This is the purpose of most of what I write.  I want to give a voice to people who have been silenced.  I want to tell our truth to the world.  Individual truth is going to be specific to every individual, but there are universal truths about trauma and recovery and the human spirit that need to be told, and I’m not afraid to tell them.

As abuse, trauma, and people in need of help in their recovery are on the rise, I want the world to know what we deal with, things we go through, and how we’ve been affected.  I also want to shed some light on things that might be helpful for our families and friends, as they navigate relationships with us.  And I want to continually remind those of us who have survived the unimaginable that our value hasn’t and cannot be changed by external circumstances.

Which, by the way, is true for every single person no matter who you are, so let me stop and say it again.  What has happened to you does not define you.  You are who you are on the inside, and nothing done to you on the outside can ever change that.  I was taught this truth by one of the dearest people in the world to me, and it has revolutionized my recovery.

This blog is still a baby in that it’s less than 6 months old (awwww), so perhaps it doesn’t have the archives of information behind it like some others.  But I plan on continuing to build on it, despite not being the most avid of WordPress users.  And the link to my website has a very large resource page that I add to on a weekly basis.

So, even though I feel weird about asking, please share the following links with anyone you feel might like or need them, and I thank you for doing so, from the bottom of my heart.  And please stay tuned for another post later today or tomorrow.  Cheers.  ~J8

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