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What Will It Take to Reclaim Human Rights?

I was reading this depressing but unsurprising article today in which Vigilante Citizen analyzed Taylor Swift’s newest music video for her newest song “Look What You Made Me Do.” VC was breaking it down beyond the surface-y layers of her petty attempts to slap back at everyone who’s ever offended or insulted her in the last decade. (Side note: a few posts ago, I actually liked her. Now, not so much.) VC was going beneath that to analyze the trauma-based mind control imagery and messaging. I had half a thought to do this, myself, but then (TMI: after I threw up in my mouth a little) I decided to leave it to someone else this time. One such blog post is enough for me, thanks.

All that to say that while reading the post, I was thinking about what it would take to reclaim our basic human rights here in America — and all over the world, but America is where I live, so that’s where I tend to focus first. The fact is that the government has pulled the wool over the majority of people’s eyes so effectively that most of the population is never going to believe what’s really going on behind the scenes…nevermind mobilize against it.

What would it take?

Part of the problem is that the criminals who are really running the government/world have covered their tracks so well as far as the common man is concerned. Not only that, but they’ve made the rest of us look crazy. Don’t believe me? Walk into a social get-together and start talking about MK Ultra and Project Paperclip and see how long it takes before people start looking at you with annoyance, boredom, amusement, or incredulity (or all four). Mind control, ritual abuse, targeted individuals, and covert government agendas are considered topics for Crazy People — and also, fake news. And also, something to scoff at.


What would it take? I’ve pondered the question a lot in the last 24 hours.

I just finished reading about Lydia Cacho a few days ago. Lydia Cacho is an incredible woman who is, among other things, a journalist in Mexico who took on some of the “Pedo-Elite” there. What she went through to simply carry her court cases all the way to completion is enough to give a person a whole head full of gray hair and probably a file full of stress-related medical problems. You’d have to just read it for yourself to get an idea of it (the story I read was here rather than the Wiki version). I’ve been imagining all sorts of things. Like for those of us who actually know who the enemies are, what can we do? Quite frankly, it sounds impossible to even bring them to court because their power and network has grown so large and interconnected. What’s the alternative? Kill them? If that could even be accomplished despite the efforts of their security detail, it would probably cost the life of the assassin as well. That’s a lot of dead bodies to try to wipe the governmental slate clean. And I don’t think we have that many people willing to volunteer.

If American citizens could actually be united by undeniable evidence of the truth about who is in charge and what they’re really doing, as a population, we could overthrow these people. But I’ve long believed that America’s greatest strength – its diversity – may end up being its greatest weakness, and the thing that ends up becoming its downfall. We’re so diverse in belief and opinion that we can’t unify. Did our founders foresee that? Just exactly how long have we been fed a false narrative? Even the fact that more and more “truth” is coming out these days just casts more and more doubt on…everything. The problem with being raised on lies is that when you finally start figuring it out, even the truth looks suspicious.

I don’t have any answers. I wish I did.

Cheers. ~J8

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