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Upward Shifting

The only thing I can really count on around here is that things are always changing rapidly.  There’s always a lot going on internally (and externally, no doubt), so all the moving parts of my life make for a wild ride. 😎

You guys, things are looking up. I’ve had some massive integration recently, and the healing process is in an upward shift for me – FINALLY!  I know my last post or two was a little grim, and February and March were extremely stressful for me.  But now, at last, a lot of key pieces have been falling into place with my healing.  Things I’d been working for 2+ years to accomplish in my system are DONE. Done, you guys!!

Speaking of time, I don’t have a ton of it lately, because there are several things happening in the outside world that demand a lot more of me for the time being. I’ve taken on additional tasks at work due to a co-worker being gone for a few months, I’m moving to a new house (or apartment…TBD) in a month or two, and I’ve been spending more time communicating one-on-one with people than I used to. These are good things, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time left for the banal things, like, you know…sleeping, thinking, and writing.  😉  Haha!  But if anyone has burning questions that need privacy, I’ll do what I can to make the time.

Also, as a point of interest:  I have an outline for book #2!  That was my big secret from the other day. I really wanted to wait until Dear Little Ones is out before I focus on this next thing. I’m getting rather frustrated with the illustrator at this point, but still trying to believe the best.

Trust me, I want this book out there as badly as you do!  But anyhow, I’ve got book #2 already in the works – slightly different subject matter, but I’ll tell you more at a later date.  Also, this one will be somewhat longer, but if I can somehow miraculously carve out the time, I may just illustrate this one myself, as even though the length will be greater, there may be fewer illustrations. Maybe just a few grand ones.

And sometimes, I just want to stop and enjoy the newness of freedom and unity and joy I’ve been finding lately. In our social-media-driven world, where everything is picture- or Facebook-worthy, sometimes I just want to experience things for awhile. Drink it all in. Soak it up. Think about it. Process.

Then I’ll write about it.

I do have some upcoming posts, though. Stay tuned.

Cheers. ~J8

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