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Supernatural and Paranormal Issues

I have been conversing with some people about the subject of paranormal and/or supernatural issues and phenomena as it relates to multiplicity.  As with any other group of people, our experiences cover a wide range.  There is a diversity in the types of experiences amongst inside people.  With a Christian host, and a Christian “cover” – meaning that the persons or people designed to be in front for so many years were Christians – it can be difficult to know how to interpret information from other inside people when they speak of experiences or information outside the religious box.  Conservative Christians would tend to label auras, astral projection, the idea of chakras (and even yoga or meditation) as “New Age” and “sinful” and leave it at that.  I have had people tell me that even reading about lucid dreaming and other dimensions, etc, is a sin and I am opening myself up to torment by evil spirits. While I appreciate their concern, I don’t believe just reading words on a page is somehow morally wrong, or making me vulnerable to some sort of spiritual predator.

So the thing is, in my position, I can’t dismiss these subjects.  As leader to a host of inside people – most of whom are younger than me – I get the burden (or privilege, depending on what day you ask me) of hearing a LOT of stories, and these besides the ones I am a direct witness to.  There may be readers out there who can look a 3-yr-old in the eyes and tell them that they don’t really see people’s “colors” (auras), even though that 3-yr-old has been 100% accurate in her perceptions every single time.  But I am not one of those people.  To further complicate things, I relied on her interpretation of what the colors meant, for years.  I never questioned her, because it just never occurred to me.  Recently I had one of my assistants do a bit of research into aura colors, and to our surprise, the little one’s understanding of what the colors meant about the person were generally correct according to a variety of sources.  Now, the popular opinion on auras is that color meanings can vary according to color intensity, and just like dreams, can mean different things to different people.  But her overall impressions have been consistently reliable.  These are the kinds of things I cannot explain.  As a Christian, I cannot tell this little girl that she’s wrong just because, silly child, we’re not “supposed” to “believe” in auras.  I believe her.  It takes her about 0.28 seconds to size people up, and know what they’re about.  She can’t always express it in abstract terms…since she’s 3…but I make a point to listen when we meet someone new and she happens to be around.

Which, as a rabbit trail, brings up a point about communicating with little people.  Young children have not developed that part of their brains yet that can comprehend abstract thinking.  It’s been many, many years since I had a college psychology class, but I believe the age where abstract concepts start becoming feasible for children to grasp begins at around age 9 or 10.  This might be a bit younger now, in 2014, since kids seem to grow up at an accelerated pace with every passing generation.  BUT, at 3 years old, everything is literal.  Everything is understood as literal.  Everything is expressed very literally.  My little friend, referenced above, would be more likely to tell me that someone is “red” right now instead of angry.  This color-matching is a trait particular to her, but most kids will tell me what someone did – or is threatening to do – before they will try to match that up with motive.  Motive is beyond them (usually).  While I understand that child alters can be a very different thing than outside children at times – since in some cases the inside children have access to adult information and sometimes access to a “shared” older mind – most of the time, our inside kids speak what would almost sound like riddles…because this is how they think.  They will speak of things literally because that’s how they see them.  Their beliefs are a mixture of what they comprehend laterally from their environment and what they’ve been convinced is true by the direct influence of other people in their lives (e.g. trauma).

At any rate, I’m not going any particular direction with this post because I’m much better at asking questions than I am at answering them.  Astral projection is another controversial subject for Christians.  I do not practice it, I do not consider it a wise thing to mess about with, but I know SO. MANY. PEOPLE. who have experienced it (in usually negative ways…but not always), and I cannot dismiss it as something that has no effect on my system just because the subject falls outside the comfort zone of a lot of people I currently hang with.  It does affect my system.  Directly.  Daily.  Whether we “believe” in the idea or not, there’s some evidence that there are, indeed, certain spiritual “portals” (or whatever your preferred word is for it) in existence in the universe that allow spiritual entities who have legal access to them to come and go.  I don't say this to instill fear in anyone. I’m just trying to talk about the difficulty of processing encounters like these, within a socially acceptable framework.  There has also been a strong element of the supernatural woven into my – and others’ – experiences within our system.  Seeing demons, angels, and other entities have not been uncommon.  Certain alters are better at it than others.  Generally the “seers” – or prophetesses – see more of what goes on in another realm than others.  I would also tend to say that being able to see the motivations, intentions, and original (or intended) designs of other people, might be considered supernatural.  But I’m not 100% sure.  At any rate, these are also common with us.  These are all matters that…depending on what circle you’re in…are not necessarily discussed openly amongst a lot of conservative Christians. We end up feeling a bit misplaced and unsure of where we belong, if we are keeping so much of our internal lives hidden.  Thankfully, that’s not the situation today.  But it has been more often than not in the past 20+ years.

And on that cryptic, unresolved note, I really must end this right here for today.  Will pick back up again when I next have time to write. Cheers. ~J8

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