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Subliminal Messaging, Disney, and MC/ Programming

Can a “normal” person become “programmed” by watching Disney movies?

This is one of those questions I feel very under-qualified to try to answer.  I can give you my thoughts about the question, but I am admittedly un-educated about the subject and feel uncomfortable giving a firm opinion.  I’d like to present my current line of thinking about this topic, but with the caveat that I’m open to changing that opinion based on new information or experiences or insights from others.

I am, admittedly, a conspiracy theorist.  I’m not sure how someone with my history and inside knowledge could possibly not be; that’s just reality.  I try not to be super gullible; there are things I read and hear sometimes that appear just a bit too unsubstantiated to me, even though that’s probably the point of everything Big Brother is really doing.  But there’s a difference between presenting theories that have at least some considerable evidence and just spouting off paranoid opinions based on very little actual material.  Anyway, that is a rabbit trail for another day.

Getting back to the point:  quite often in my newsfeed there are articles that come down the pipe about the evils of Disney (that link may contain triggering material) – along with just about every other thing in the developed world – which sometimes lead to interesting conversations between me and those who have not experienced S/RA, DID, or MC/programming.  They are, quite understandably, concerned about the possible effects of such blatant subliminal messaging.  One natural question that stems from those concerns is something along the lines of “Can a ‘normal’ person become ‘programmed’ by watching Disney movies?”

My initial short answer, coming from my gut instinct, is no.  In this blog post I’m going to attempt to explain why I think this.

First of all, a “triggering” image or word, color, sound, etc, such as the ones embedded in the Disney schlock will only work on someone who has already been trained/programmed (/however you want to put it) to respond to that trigger.  If you’ve never had any programming then a programming trigger will mean nothing to you. It will have no effect on you – or at least, not the desired effect behind placing that trigger there in the first place.

If you recall the experiment referred to as Pavlov’s dogs, it would be like saying that a random dog taken off the street would be compelled to salivate at the sound of the bell when it had never had any conditioning prior to hearing the bell – only at a much more psychologically complex level than that.  It’s just not going to happen.  Does that mean the bell is beneficial to the dog?  Does that mean it won’t damage the dog in some way after repeated exposure over a prolonged period of time?  Not necessarily.  But with no conditioning, the bell will never mean anything to the dog as compared to what it means to the dogs who have been trained.  I hope this makes sense.

In the same vein, I know a ton of people – more in this category than those not in this category – who had pretty “normal” lives growing up, watched Disney movies constantly and with enthusiasm, and who are happy, healthy, adults with no identifiable ill effects from their entertainmnet history.  They’re not sex addicts/prostitutes, they’re not criminals, they’re not Satanists.  Yet they watched Disney movies. Yet they’re fine.

Does that mean that there wasn’t something better they could have watched?  No. If they’d known the information I know now about Disney movies, they most certainly would have chosen something else.  But as it is, they didn’t know, and they appear to be none the worse for it.

Now there are people who might make the argument that America is one of the most violent countries in the world as evidenced by crime rates and prisons filled over capacity, and that may be true on some level.  But I cannot personally see a direct, provable link between that and watching Disney movies or entertainment with subliminal messaging woven into it.  I’m not saying the two are not related at all.  I think there probably IS a correlation to some small degree, but violence and criminal activity happen for reasons that go way far beyond the scope of watching television shows and/or movies.

Those things can play a factor in people who are already pre-disposed to violence for other reasons (family history, abusive background, mental illness, etc), but no one could prove a direct link to an otherwise-healthy person becoming a psychopathic monster (or even a helpless, mind-controlled government slave) based solely on what type of media entertainment they chose to consume. There isn’t one.  And anyone who tries to tell you there is, is leaving out the other major factors that contributed to the person’s behavior, which I’m going to address in the next few paragraphs.

I feel that there are several large factors that come into play with the subliminal messaging broadcasted by Disney propaganda.  (This discussion could and should be applied to all media in general that is proven to be pushing hidden agendas via similar means.)  I think one of the fears of the common person, especially parents, is that letting their kids watch media with these hidden messages is going to somehow turn their otherwise-normal-children into mind controlled slaves, mass murderers, and/or psychopathic sex addicts who end up in jail on criminal charges.

Hopefully I can put those fears to rest, somewhat.

First of all, if you do any research on the history and proposed/studied causes of violent or criminal behavior you will universally find that those people already had other major problems.  I’m not an anthropologist or a criminal psychologist, so I’ll let you do your own reading if the particulars interest you, but suffice it to say that what they were watching on TV was the least of their problems.  Growing up impoverished, with a background of abuse and/or neglect, coming from broken and sometimes violent homes, with abusive and/or unstable caregivers, a history of drug addiction and/or alcoholism, and pre-existing mental illnesses are all often combined contributing factors to those who grow up and become the type of people we may fear our children will become if we don’t raise them just right.

Any one of those things taken by themselves, with all other aspects of the person’s life being healthy, most likely would not cause extreme, psychosis-inducing problems in an individual.  But the more of those issues you add together, the more likely they can influence someone in a major way.  It’s purely my opinion that watching subliminal messaging on TV is only going to have an impact that’s more than tiny if you already have other major problems going on in your life.  I am still welcoming feedback by those who know more about this, to disagree if they feel compelled to do so.  I want to know the truth, even if it means I’m wrong.

So if the subliminal messaging doesn’t work to produce programming-level responses on people who haven’t been programmed, why would Disney put it in their entertainment at all?  What are they trying or hoping to accomplish?  Again, I only have my opinion to offer.

There are probably a lot more people out there who could do this question justice, and I would like to invite them to comment, email, or write a post of their own on the subject if they want to add something out of my range of knowledge (which wouldn’t take too much, tbh).

First of all, I do believe the mega-empire of Disney has a grand agenda that most people in America are not aware of, and a large portion of that agenda involves entertaining and distracting 9 out of 10 Americans from knowing what’s really going on in the government and behind the scenes on a national and international level.

As long as we are entertained, as long as we keep our thoughts focused on the private scandalous lives of our favorite celebrities, as long as there’s another football or soccer or basketball game coming up that we absolutely must see, we will continue to allow our rights – both humanitarian and democratic – to be quietly, covertly revoked by those in power, until we are brought under their control as an entire nation.

Part of that distraction is to continually shove messages down our throats about what they want us to care about. If we care about what they want us to care about, their job is done, and they don’t need to pull the wool over our eyes; we have willingly done it for them. Sex is an easy sell, and it can at times start very young in being hammered into the subconscious.  Satanism is a bit harder to pinpoint to people who aren’t already familiar with satanic symbols, but making it seem cool or at the very least advantageous, in the form of those who participate in sorcery or witchcraft is a classic stepping stone.

As a final reason why Disney movies would contain such things as they unfortunately do, I’m sorry for the language, but I think some of it is simply because the lead animator is an ass, coming from a long line of asses before him, all the way back to Walt Disney himself who would have been the one the ideas originated with.  They’re doing it because they can, and because they think it’s funny or shaming or clever or whatever to put things in plain sight that most Americans seem to miss…but mostly because they can.

Because we buy their shit at the rate of billions of dollars per year, and they don’t think they can own us, they know that they already do.  Whether you think Disney movies will ultimately “harm” your otherwise-normal kids or not (which I doubt), I would respectfully ask that you do at least consider doing a little reading and research and see if Walt Disney and the empire he has built really sounds like something you want to give more money to.  I didn’t bother putting a YouTube video directly in this post – where would I begin to choose which one? – but go and search “evils of Disney” on YouTube, or just “Disney evil” and see what pops up.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

And please hear what I’m saying in context.  Disney created the perfect cover-up for their evil activities, by masquerading as something that values and cherishes children.  And in this, they have done exceedingly well.  It would be nearly impossible to live an entire lifetime and manage to avoid owning or receiving or at least coming into contact with something Disney-related.  It’s just everywhere.  I’m not saying you’re evil if you own a Disney movie.  I am saying that awareness is the first step to knowing what your money is going to, and that taking some time to really reflect on what you want to prioritize in your life and your children’s lives – both in terms of what you spend money on and what you decide to “ingest” as media entertainment – is never a waste of time.

So, these are my unprofessional opinions, in review:

  • Programming cannot happen by accident. Even the worst movie/tv show in the world cannot program an otherwise un-programmed person. I am open to being corrected if anyone has experience otherwise.  I don’t want to give false information or false security. But this is my gut feeling.

  • Subliminal messaging has to have a pretty specific platform in a person’s psyche already, before the effects would be notable. This doesn’t mean the messaging is a good thing, but taken in isolation I don’t think it’s the single contributing factor that can create something out of nothing.

  • Even if subliminal messaging isn’t significantly hurting you or your kids, it’s still worth considering the company you are catering to if you spend money on Disney-related stuff. No judgment from me; it’s a personal decision.  I can’t say I’ll never watch another one.  I can probably say for fairly certain that I won’t go out of my way to buy one or own any of the merchandise.  Sometimes things are given as gifts and I’m going to honor the giver.  There’s a need for balance when we consider all of these issues.

I’m sure I forgot a bunch of stuff, but it’s almost time for me to leave work for the weekend, so I have to end here.  I hope this has been a little bit helpful. Cheers. ~J8

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