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Ready to Work With Me?

Hey folks,

Writing one more blog post to let you know that I am now offering my services as a peer worker.

I’ve felt for awhile now that I’m ready to move on from blogging on Thoughts From J8. “Moving on” definitely does not mean that I won’t write anymore, or that I won’t be an advocate for multiples and trauma survivors.

I felt then, and still feel now, that I’m ready to sharpen my focus from the general, to the specific.

I’m ready to move from the impersonal sphere of blogging into the very personal trenches of recovery, alongside those who haven’t made it out yet — or those who support survivors.

I am here, and ready, to work with YOU.

And so, I give you:

Peer Support For Multiples

Here are some more details for those of you who seem to enjoy my long-windedness. 😉

I answer more questions on the website itself, but here are a few other things to know at the outset.

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

  • This is a paid service. It is not a volunteer thing. Unfortunately, I do have to ask for some sort of compensation for my time. I arrived at my price after a lot of consideration. It's difficult for people like me to know what to charge to put their life experience to work for others, but in the end it is approximately average in the category of "life coach," which is probably the closest category for it.

  • For those international clients who would like to utilize my services, we will need to do some number crunching to figure out a time that works for both of us. I am on Eastern Time in the USA, so we’ll need to find something compatible for both of our schedules.

  • This service is not in any way meant to undermine or compete with real, talented, trauma-informed professionals. We need you. If I could, I’d send everyone who contacts me to you. But the reality is that many people can’t find someone qualified in their area, and peer support is better than no support at all.

  • I’m not here to diagnose people or give professional, medical, or legal advice – I can’t. I’m not qualified. I am a peer worker whose qualifications are lived experience. I strongly encourage all people who might want to work with me to employ professionals in those areas if they feel they need that type of advice.

If this is something you think you’d benefit from, please take the time to look through my website and then email me if you have any questions. If you want to go ahead and book some time with me, my calendar can be accessed on the website as well. I offer this service purely in the hope that it will be beneficial to my readers (or someone they know – please share!). Let me know how I can help you.



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