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Before I Begin...

Here’s an introduction to this blog…

I think the best use of this blog, and blogging in general in my particular case, would be for discussion of issues related to multiplicity rather than a personal daily journal.  For one, there are way too many inside people with way too many thoughts, to use this as a journal in any capacity.  I could never hope to represent everyone who might care to express their opinions.  For two, our lives change so rapidly – as a collective and as individuals – that all it would take is a week of being too busy to blog, and I’d end up hopelessly behind and defeated as a blogger.  For three, unless I were to chronicle the back story, very few system events would make sense to an outsider anyway, and without context you would have no idea how to interpret it.  So description of current system events will most likely not be a priority.  There is plenty to discuss within the subject matter, so I feel this is the best way to proceed.  If there is a topic you would likeme to open up (although all I have is my own opinion and experience!), please leave a comment or message me.  I do have a job and I do have other obligations, so I can’t promise I’m going to have time to post more than once or twice a week, but I will try to maintain a minimum.  Cheers. ~J8

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