• Jade

A Fond Farewell

Hey guys.

I feel like it’s time to close the chapter in my life wherein I am a trauma blogger at Thoughts From J8.

I started blogging 4 years ago and although I was unaware of it at the time, I think I mostly wrote blog posts as a way to cope with the fact that I wasn’t able to live the life I truly wanted to live. I was working on it, but not there yet.

Nowadays, I feel like I am living the life I want to live. And it honestly doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for introspection…or blogging.

I’ve been feeling pretty done for awhile now, but kept talking myself out of listening to that intuition. I’m not going to do that anymore.

I know we had some thoughts about continuing the podcast and a few other ideas, but I’m not feeling it. I just feel like I want to go live my life now.

This doesn’t mean I won’t ever write again. I’m sure I will. I’m a writer; I write; that’s what I do.

I just feel like Thoughts From J8 has served its purpose and I’m ready to let it rest.

I would be willing to do guest posts for people on occasion, if they want that. Don’t be shy about asking.

I would be willing to come and speak at events about trauma, DID, SRA, etc, if that’s something people desire. But 1) I’m not going to do a bunch of advertising/promoting myself for that purpose, and 2) my time is precious to me so my fee is high (just thought I should put that out there up front). 😉 My credentials are concentrated in the “lived experience” and “self-educated” categories. I have a resume and I can send one to interested parties.

I want to tell you thank you for following me and being my friends, for supporting me and being a witness to some of the things I’ve written. For saying “Me, too,” when relevant and saying “Thank you for putting this into words” in some cases. I’ve come into contact with so many incredible people (if you think I’m not talking about you, you’re wrong, because I am). Trauma survivors are the most amazing people on this earth. You are my tribe, and you always will be.

The blog will stay up, but most likely won’t be monitored much.

You can still write me.

I will post on FB if and when I do bigger or more long-term writing projects.

This song is precious to me and seemed appropriate for this post. Cheers.


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