About Me

Well, I’m blogging semi-anonymously.  So a detailed “About Me” page would be counter-productive.  The bare bones:  I am multiple.  I am an adult female.  I like to write.  


Although I’m pre-retired* from quite a few things, I do not have a degree, and I’m not a professional anything, so nothing I write should be taken as professional OR medical advice. I’m very well-educated and I have a lot of life experience, and those are my only qualifications. This blog is about the experience of recovering from Satanic Ritual Abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder (polyfragmented), and disorganized attachment.

I no longer identify as Christian at this point. I've written elsewhere about why that is.

I am also fairly functional at this point in my journey; I am married to a wonderful man, I do some advocacy and peer work, and maintain something of a social life. This wasn’t always possible, but I’ve come a long way (baby…JK). 

If you’re dying to know something beyond these things, send me a message and I’ll think about answering it.  ~J8

*“Pre-retired” is a term I made up, and it’s where you retire BEFORE you actually do the thing.  So in my case, I’m a pre-retired dancer, sheep wrangler, FBI detective, veterinarian, professional musician, Rubix cube champion, AND chef!  See how that works?!  (see also: underachiever; see also: procrastination; see also: inventive linguist)